Birth, Death & Marriage Vital Records

 The Plainsboro Township Clerk's Office maintains records of all births, marriages, and deaths that occur in Plainsboro Township.

Licensed Photo Vitals

What is a certified copy? 

A certified copy of a vital record is considered an original legal document. Each certified copy that is issued from our office will include the Plainsboro Township's raised legal seal. 

Each Certified Copy is $15.00

Please note that birth certificates are NOT automatically mailed for newborns

***If your child was born before may 21, 2012, contact the princeton vital statistics office at 609-497-7608***


how to obtain a certified copy of a vital record?

  • In-person → Our window is open for walk-ins Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

    • Method of payment: We accept cash and credit/debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and Discovery)

NOTE: A convenience fee of 2.95% will be applied when using either a credit or debit card. 

  • U.S. Mail 

    • Method of payment: Money orders made payable to "Plainsboro Township" are the sole acceptable form of payment for requests sent through the mail. 

NOTE: Self-addressed stamped envelopes or return priority envelopes are required for mailed-in requests. 

Please note that vital records are NOT public records. Therefore, staff are not able to verify specific records over the phone. 


required documents

  • AdobeStock_118232185Completed Non-Genealogical Request Form or Genealogical Request Form 
    • Use the Non-Genealogical Request Form for birth records occurring within the last 80 years or if the individual is still living, marriages occurring within the last 50 years, deaths occurring within the last 40 years, and all civil union and domestic partnership.
    • Use the Genealogical Request Form for birth records occurring more than 80 years ago, marriages occurring more than 50 years ago, and deaths occurring more than 40 years ago.
  • AdobeStock_236087 (1)Driver's license with current address
    • NOTE: If your ID does not display your current address please have one of the items below ready to present physically or through the phone
      • Utility Bill
      • Bank Statement 
      • DMV Change of Address Confirmation Paperwork 
      • W-2 Form 
  • Proof of relationship to the person listed on the vital record.   
    • Your own vital record → Your valid photo driver's license is acceptable.AdobeStock_620456457
    • Your child’s vital record → If the name on your identification matches the name of the child’s parent then your identification will establish your relationship. If your current name does not match the name as recorded on the vital record, as the parent you will need to supply a copy of your marriage or civil union certificate or legal name change.
    • Your spouse’s/civil union partner’s vital record → Provide a copy of your marriage/civil union certificate. 
    • Your parent’s or sibling’s vital record → Provide a copy of your birth certificate with parents' names.  
    • Your grandparent’s vital record → You must establish that you are the person’s grandchild by linking the name on your ID to the name of the grandparent. For example, if you changed your last name after marriage/civil union and want a grandparent’s vital record, you must: 1.) Provide your marriage/civil union certificate to show your name at birth, 2.) provide your birth certificate to identify your parent, and 3.) provide the parent’s birth certificate to identify the grandparent



ALL amendments to a vital record are by appointment ONLY! Please contact the Township Clerk's office at 609-799-0909 ext. 2547 to discuss the amendment process and schedule an appointment. 

IMPORTANT: Upon submission of an amendment, requestors may be advised and instructed to provide alternative supporting documentation deemed necessary by the State Office of Vital Statistics. The submission of an amendment does not guarantee an approval. All requests are reviewed completely and approved according to policy, procedure, and applicable New Jersey State Statute.



  1. Obtain a certified copy of the vital record from the State Office of Vital Statistics and Registry located at 140 E Front St, Trenton, NJ 08625Indicate on your application that it will need an Apostille Seal, and you will receive a certified copy of the vital record.  
  2. You must then forward this document to the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, which issues the Apostille Seal. 


 Additional forms:

Non-Genealogical Request Form (Spanish)

Genealogical Request Form (Spanish)