Plainsboro Preserve

The Plainsboro Preserve, located on Scotts Corner Road, includes over 1,000 acres of undisturbed open space with nature trails and 50-acre McCormack Lake. The preserve was established through the cooperative efforts of Plainsboro Township and Middlesex County.  


Open every day at 7:00 am. Closing times vary depending on the season.  

Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center was constructed by Plainsboro Township through a fundraising campaign - no Plainsboro tax dollars were spent!

The Environmental Education Center offers a diverse array of educational programs for organized groups and the general public, including natural history programs and workshops, slide and lecture programs, interpretive hikes, and educator workshops, serving as an outdoor classroom for schools and other groups.
Plainsboro Preserve Sign
Plainsboro Preserve Main Building
Quiet Wonders of Nature
The Preserve is a regional treasure that provides a beautiful, untouched setting to study and observe the quiet wonders of nature. It serves as a protected habitat for numerous plant and wildlife species, including those that are rare or endangered. View a photo gallery of the preserve and read more from the Audubon Society.
The following regulations are in effect at the Preserve and are strictly enforced by Park Rangers:
  • No smoking, except in the parking area
  • No picnicking, fires, camping or woodcutting
  • No alcoholic beverages on the property
  • No vehicles, bicycles, skateboards or horses on the trails
  • No hunting or fishing
  • No collecting of plants or animals
  • No pets