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Food & Beverage Vending Machine License Application

  1. Township Clerk
    641 Plainsboro Road
    Plainsboro, NJ 08536
    Phone: 609-799-0909, ext. 2547
  2. License Fee
    $50 per establishment, plus $10 per machine. Please make check payable to: Plainsboro Township
  3. Business Information Where Vending Machine is Located
  4. Please resubmit a new copy of application for each vending machine.
  5. License Fee:
    $50.00 per establishment, plus $10.00 per machine.
  6. Food/Beverage Vending Machine License
    Establishment Fee
  7. Price
  8. NameFood/Beverage Vending Machine License
    Machine Fee
  9. Price
  10. For Office Use Only:
  11. Licenses are sent directly to the local establishment and shall be conspicuously posted.
  12. Please Note:
    Penalties are assessed if the annual fee is not paid by the January 31st due date per Township Ordinance Chapter 69.
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