Facility Use Eligibility & Guidelines


Municipal meeting rooms are used for programs sponsored by the Township of Plainsboro and Township-related organizations.  The meeting rooms are intended to further the Township’s mission and fulfill its service responsibilities.  When municipal activities are not scheduled, community groups may request use of the rooms.    Our primary purpose is to ensure that public facilities are used to the benefit of Township residents. Township activities have priority over all other use. Official functions (such as elections) preempt all other programs and activities. The Township maintains the right to cancel or otherwise make unavailable any dates that conflict with Township operations.

The use of the meeting rooms is not intended for individuals or private functions.  Municipal meeting rooms may not be used by for-profit businesses or for any commercial activity (see Prohibited Uses and Conditions below for more restrictions).  Permission to use the meeting rooms does not imply Township’s endorsement of the aims, policies, programs or public statements of any group or organization.  Such permission is revocable and does not constitute a lease.

The use of a meeting room must be consistent with the provisions of this policy and may be denied:  (a) where use is inconsistent with policy and/or regulation, (b) where there is a likelihood of physical hazard to participants or audience, (c) when there has been misuse of premises or equipment or violation of this policy by the organization in the past, (d) the use poses a potential disturbance to the normal operation of municipal functions. 

Reservation Process 

Community use of Township facilities is managed through an online reservation system.  It is important to note that simply making a request online does not automatically entitle a group to use the room.  The person making the online reservation request will receive a confirmation acknowledging the request, followed by a response within ten (10) business days. Only upon completing the reservation process, submitting all necessary forms and documents, and receiving a response that the room has been reserved is the process then complete.   Reservation requests must be made at least 7 days, but not more than 90 days prior to the desired date.  During the year eligible groups making requests will be considered on a first come - first served basis.  Facility reservations are processed on a space available basis to eligible groups.  

Limitations on Use

In an effort to allow equitable opportunity for facility use, reservations will be limited to no more than 2 uses per month and no more than 2 hours per use. Usage beyond this requires special approval and will be based on availability and circumstance.  Use of facilities on holidays is not permitted. If Township facilities are closed due to weather conditions, no groups will be permitted to use the facility. Facilities may not be reserved before 8:30am and all activities must conclude prior to 11:00pm.
It is the responsibility of the group or organization to inform the Director of Recreation and Community Services if a meeting is cancelled not less than 24 hours in advance.  The Township reserves the right to deny meeting rooms to organizations that fail to notify the Director of Recreation and Community Services of cancellations or frequently cancel meetings.

Prohibited Uses and Conditions

A. Prohibited Uses 

The meeting rooms may not be used:

1. For any function at which goods or services are advertised or sold whether for profit or to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

2. For any meeting for which admission is charged.

3. For any meeting likely to disturb municipal staff operations, impede staff in the performance of their duties, or negatively impact the municipal building.

4. For the conduct of any unlawful activity.

5. Private parties. 

B. Conditions on Use

1. A.D.A. - Organizations utilizing the meeting rooms are considered a public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are therefore responsible for providing auxiliary aids and services in compliance with the ADA.

2. Open to the Public - All groups requesting the use of municipal facilities must be for the benefit of the general public or provide a benefit to Township residents.  Such determination will be made by the Director of Recreation and Community Services.   

3. Insurance Requirements - Eligible groups are required to submit an original Certificate of Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) covering the entire request period in conjunction with their application. The “insured” named must match the “applicant.”  A liability insurance policy must contain the following:

o In the Description box: “The Township of Plainsboro as additionally insured”
o In the Certificate Holder Box: The Township of Plainsboro, 641 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

4. Hardship – An insurance waiver will be considered only under extenuating circumstances, on a case by case basis, by the Director of Recreation and Community Services.  

5. Cleaning - The applicant must leave the room in the same condition in which it was found.  Groups that fail to clean up, put away equipment or restore a room to its original condition will be charged the cost of cleanup and may lose the privilege of using the facility. 

6. Damage - The applicant assumes full financial responsibility for theft, damage and/or personal injury resulting from the use of the facilities, and will sign a hold harmless agreement. The group will be responsible to repair or replace any damaged or broken equipment.
7. Food & Drink - Refreshments are generally prohibited in municipal facilities.  

8. No Alcohol - Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

9. No Smoking – Municipal facilities are smoke-free buildings.  Smoking is not permitted in any area surrounding the municipal buildings.
10. No Candles, Lanterns, Incense or Any Open Flames – The use of candles, lanterns, incense or and open flames is prohibited.
11. Publicity – Organizations may not put flyers for their event in the designated areas unless approved by the Township.   

12. Safety - Group members are responsible for making themselves aware of emergency exits and safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers.

13. Set-Up - The Township assumes NO responsibility for setting up or restoring a meeting room to its original condition on behalf of the applicant. 

14. Supervision - Adequate adult (at least 21 years old) supervision must be present at all times when a group that consists of minor age (under 18) children uses a meeting room.  Township staff will not be responsible for the supervision of children while adults use municipal facilities.   

15. Wall/Ceiling/Floor Use - No materials may be affixed to the walls, ceiling or floor by any means whatsoever, except for the use of tacks in those areas where walls have tackable surfaces.  

Inappropriate conduct, improper use of facilities or submission of an application that is proven to contain misrepresentation(s) or inaccurate information will result in forfeiture of building use for that group.