Special Operations - Traffic & Public Safety Bureau


The Traffic & Public Safety Division is dedicated to ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians in Plainsboro. This important mission is carried out through the implementation of several programs and enforcement strategies designed to maximize safety for those using the roadways within the Township of Plainsboro. Enforcement strategies are developed to place an emphasis on maintaining contact with the motoring public.

Prevention strategies employee a variety of programs designed to educate and heighten public awareness. These programs include DWI checkpoints, bicycle safety, defensive driving and traffic safety in around our schools.

The officers assigned to this unit are a Special Operations Lieutenant who oversees the Traffic & Public Safety Sergeant and 4 Traffic & Public Safety Officers.  All assigned to the Traffic & Public Safety Division receive extensive training in the latest collision investigative techniques and traffic engineering. The Traffic and Public Safety Division investigates all motor vehicle collisions within the township.

Additional Responsibilities

In addition, the Traffic & Public Safety Division is responsible for:

  • Maintaining traffic records, collision reports, and statistics
  • Performing traffic and road surveys
  • Establishing and coordinating traffic enforcement target areas throughout the township
  • Developing and managing grants through the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety
  • Coordinating DWI checkpoints in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office
  • Developing traffic safety plans for roadway construction and special events
  • Performing taxi and tow truck inspections
  • Managing vehicle impounds and titles
  • Maintaining Radar and Alcotest equipment