Planning & Zoning


The Department of Planning and Zoning is responsible for guiding the long-range development and conservation of open space of the Township of Plainsboro. This is accomplished through the preparation and administration of the Township’s Master Plan along with the implementation of state and local regulations regarding land use and building within the Township.

Development Review

Development or approval of how a property is used typically requires review by the Department of Planning and Zoning. These activities can include but are not limited to erecting a shed or fence, developing a vacant piece of property, constructing new or reusing an existing building, replacing a sidewalk, operating a home based business, changing a commercial activity, or proposing modifications to a property’s permitted use.

Regional Issues

The Department is also involved with issues of a more regional nature which includes coordination with Federal, State, and County agencies. An example of such an issue might be waste water management, open space acquisition, storm water management, transportation, or transit planning.

Boards & Commissions

In carrying out its mission, the Department of Planning and Zoning relies on the guidance and direction provided by various boards and committees established by state law or local policy. The usual meeting date and time for each of these volunteer bodies can also be found on our Boards and Committees page. It should also be noted that coordination and oversight of the Township’s engineering services for general, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment matters are handled through the department.

Agendas are posted at the Municipal Building and can also be found on our Agendas and Minutes page.