Purchasing Guidelines

Township Guidelines
There are several guidelines the township follows when the need to purchase goods and services arises. They are based on the type of good or service and thresholds related to dollar amounts (or cost).
  • Purchases below $6,000 can be obtained without soliciting more than 1 price. However, sound business practices often lead the township to solicit more than 1 quote to ensure resources are being used as efficiently as possible.
  • Purchases between $6,000 and $40,000 will generally require price quotes. As a general rule, we obtain 3 quotes whenever possible. Sometimes obtaining quotes can be as simple as contacting several vendors and recording the prices received. On some items, quotes may require the vendor to respond in writing. In these cases, the Purchasing Office will provide forms to be submitted, along with a time and date on which they are due if they are to be considered.
  • Purchases over $40,000 are generally subject to the receipt of bids. When bids are sought, the township publishes a newspaper advertisement notifying vendors and the public that bids are needed. Bid packets are distributed to interested parties upon request. Vendors may write, call or email for a bid packet. Generally, there is no charge for a set of specifications. However, some larger projects, such as infrastructure and roadway improvements that contain plans or detailed specifications, would require the potential bidder to pay a fee to offset the cost of the production of the packets. Vendors are encouraged to check our website or the Princeton Packet and Trenton Times for publications of “Notice to Bidders” for current bids.
Bids are publicly opened and read aloud on the date, time and location specified in the advertisement and specifications. Vendors are invited to attend all bid openings. Results are available for public inspection after bids have been opened. After opening, bids are tabulated and evaluated for price, compliance with specifications, and other relevant factors. Once the analysis is complete, a staff recommendation is submitted to the Plainsboro Township Committee, who then award the contract. Awards are required to be made to the lowest responsible responsive bidder within 60 days of the date bids were publicly opened. Notification of an award and/or rejection will be made in writing.