When and how do I obtain zoning approval from the Township?

Homeowners wishing to undertake building improvements, such as a home addition, deck, pool, shed, or fence need to obtain zoning approval, and in most cases, building permit approval from the Township. Minor improvements such as fences or small sheds (100 square feet or less in area) do not require building permits, only zoning approval by the Department of Planning and Zoning.

All building improvements requiring a permit are subject to the review and approval of the Department of Code Enforcement. All relevant building permit and zoning review information must be submitted to Code Enforcement. The zoning review portion of the submission shall include at a minimum, a completed Zoning Compliance Form, a marked-up survey showing the location and size of the improvement, the setback dimensions to the property lines, elevation views, and the materials and colors of the proposed improvement. If a permit is not required, all the above zoning review documents shall be submitted directly to the Department of Planning and Zoning for review and approval.

For additional information on planning and zoning matters call 609-799-0909, ext. 1502. Download the Zoning Compliance form (PDF)

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