There is still time to register for the wonderful classes and events held at the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center! Classes start next week. Get up, get moving, and get involved this fall at Plainsboro Recreation!

Grounds for Sculpture Trip for Seniors: We still have space available in our Grounds for Sculpture Trip on Thursday, 9/29 from 10:00am-2:30pm. $12.00 for residents 55+/$22.00 for non-residents 55+. Enjoy the day at this beautiful sculpture park and museum. Make your own lunch arrangements at Peacock Cafe, Van Gough Cafe or Rats Restaurant 609-584-7800.

Artistic Exploration for Seniors: Anyone can learn how to draw and paint. This class is for beginners who always wanted to learn but were afraid to start. Class meets Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm (9/15-11/17) $35.00 for residents 55+/$45.00 for non-residents 55+.

Dancing & Dessert: Don’t miss our next Dancing & Dessert class this Saturday, 9/17 from 7:00-8:30 PM at the Recreation Center. We will enjoy dessert and take a ballroom dance lesson!

World Dance (New!) Classes for Adults, Teens, and Children (ages 8 & up) are being offered on Wednesday evenings. Students will learn dance steps, movements and choreography that are influenced by various dance styles around the world. Geography and the diverse cultural influences that take shape in movement form will also be covered.

Music & Movement: Get your young child (ages 1-6) singing and dancing in our Music & Movement classes on Mondays. Children will play rhythm instruments; listen to music, sing and dance.

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement: Does your preschool child (ages 3-6) dance around the house? Register them in the Pre-Ballet / Creative Movement class on Thursday afternoons.

Inclusive Sports Play: Want to introduce your young child to various sports? Sign up your 5-8 year old for the Inclusive Sports Play classes on Thursday evenings.

Congressional Debate: Do you have an 11-15 year old at home who is interested in the US legislative process with the Senate and the House? Register them for our Congressional Debate class on Saturday afternoons.

Zumba and Toning: Stretch and tone with the use of light weights and Zumba dance.

Inspirational Boot Camp: Combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, balance and healthy eating tips.

Zumba Sculpt Intervals: Stretch and tone with the use of light weights and Zumba dance.

Registration for all of these programs can be done through the Township website or in-person at the Recreation & Cultural Center. Hope to see you this fall!

For more information on these or any of our other exciting programs contact the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center:
Phone: 609-799-0909 x1719

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