Election Information

2021 Election Schedule                                                                                                              




Polling Hours

Close of Registration (21 days prior)

Last Day to Apply for Mail-In Ballot

Last day to apply for a mail-in-ballot  in person to County Clerk (by 3:00pm)



By District

6:00– 8:00





To participate in the general election, you must be registered to vote in Middlesex County by Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must be 18 years of age by Election Day, but can register at 17
  • Must be a New Jersey resident and of your county at least 30 days prior to the election
  • Cannot be declared mentally incompetent by a court
  • Cannot be incarcerated


If you are not registered to vote in Middlesex County, there are several ways to do so.

  • Register to vote Online at https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/register  
  • Complete and mail in the Voter Registration Application
  • In-person at the County Clerk’s office or the Board of Elections
  • While applying or renewing your driver’s license at Motor Vehicles 

You may also check your registration status at https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/registration-check

Earlier this year, a new law (P.L. 2021, c.40) was signed permitting in-person early voting in New Jersey.


This new option enables all registered voters to cast their ballot in-person, using a voting machine, during a nine-day period prior to Election Day at any of the early voting locations within Middlesex County. You can now choose to vote, in-person, when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

In-person early voting locations will be open Saturday, October 23 through Sunday, October 31. Hours will be Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Check whether or not you are an active vote-by-mail voter at Vote.NJ.Gov, under “Am I Registered?”

If you are registered to vote by mail in the 2021 General Election, you will be asked to vote by provisional ballot if you go to the in-person early voting locations before Election Day.

If your voter record indicates that you have received a Vote by Mail ballot, you will be given a provisional ballot to complete at the Early Voting Center.

*Please note that Early Voting Centers are for in-person voting only. Vote by mail ballots cannot be submitted at Early Voting locations.

Upon arriving at an early voting location, voters will sign in on an electronic poll book. The electronic poll book will print a bar code on the voter activation card so the voting machine knows which ballot to activate.

Voters will then enter the polling booth and insert their ballot card into the voting machine. Next, voters will make their selection by touching the screen. Selections should then be reviewed in the summary screen before touching “Print Ballot” to review the printed card in the window to the right. Finally, touch “Cast Ballot” and the card is then tabulated and deposited into a secure card container.

No matter where you live in Middlesex County, you can vote your specific ballot at any of your county’s designated in-person early voting locations.

East BrunswickEast Brunswick Community Center721 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick
EdisonEdison Senior Center2963 Woodbridge Ave, Edison
MonroeMonroe Public Library4 Municipal Plaza, Monroe
New BrunswickNew Brunswick Library60 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick
Old BridgeVeterans Park Community CenterEnglishtown Rd, Old Bridge
Perth AmboyJankowski Community Center1 Olive St, Perth Amboy
PiscatawayJohn F. Kennedy Public Library500 Hoes Ln, Piscataway
SayrevilleSayreville Senior Center423 Main St, Sayreville
South BrunswickSouth Brunswick Community Center124 New Road, Monmouth Junction
WoodbridgeAcacia Youth Center (formerly Hungarian Manor)95 Port Reading Ave, Woodbridge


Registered voters can choose to receive official, mail-in ballots for the Primary Election, General Election, or any special elections that occur each year.  Voters can request a mail-in ballot for one election only or for all future elections. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to let the County Clerk know you would like a mail-in ballot.
  2. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, fill it out and choose the candidates you want to vote for.
  3. Return your ballot by sending it through the U.S. Postal Service, placing it in one of the County’s ballot drop boxes, or bringing it to the Board of Elections office.

How to Submit Your Vote By Mail Ballot

  • Mail your ballot through the United State Postal Service (by 8 pm on Election Day)
  • Bring your ballot to the Board of Elections Office in East Brunswick
  • Drop your ballot in one of the Middlesex County Board of Elections’ drop boxes
    • There is at least one drop box in each municipality

Boxes will be available for ballot drop off 24 hours daily until 8:00pm Election Night. Boxes will be under video surveillance at all times. **FOR VOTER MAIL IN BALLOTS ONLY**

Ballot Drop Box

After submitting your mail-in ballot, you can sign up to track your ballot online and view its status.

Due to historically high volume, ballots placed in secure drop boxes may take up to one week to show up as “Received” and ballots sent via U.S. Mail may take up to two weeks to show up as "Received" in the Track My Ballot tool.

Your ballot will only be marked “Accepted” after the election.

Ballot status information is provided by the counties using an automated process. The amount of time it takes until updates post to the Track My Ballot tool may vary from county to county. Please check back periodically for updates to your ballot status.

How To Track the Progress of Your Ballot

Start by signing into your personal My Voter Record account. If you do not already have a My Voter Record account, you will need to create one.

Before creating your My Voter Record account:

Confirm your personal information and find your Voter ID using the Am I Registered?/Voter Search Tool or by contacting the Middlesex County Clerk – Division of Elections.

Check that your voter registration information is accurate, including spelling, date of birth, and city/county. Write down your Voter ID number, listed in the voter record you have pulled up.

When logging into your account for the first time, make sure you enter your username and password, not your email address.

Vote in Person

  1. On Election Day at your assigned polling location

    Plainsboro1, 2John B. Wicoff School510 Plainsboro Road
    3, 8, 9 , 10, 12West Winsdor/Plainsboro High School90 Grover's Mill Road
    4Plainsboro Volunteer Fire Co.405 Plainsboro Road
    5, 6, 11Plainsboro Municipal Building645 Plainsboro Road
    7, 13Smith House (Princeton Landing)400 Sayre Drive

    2. OR During the 10-day period before Election Day at a Middlesex County Early Voting Center

    How to Use the Voting Machine

    The Express Vote XL voting machine is designed to be easy for all voters to use. You can vote by touch screen, in the language of your choice, and the voting machine is fully ADA compliant.

    Step by Step:

    1. After signing the poll book and following other instructions from poll workers, you will receive a Voting Authority slip and a ballot card. Hand the Voting Authority slip to the poll worker at the machine.
    2. Step inside the machine’s curtain and insert the ballot card on the lower right-hand side, with the notch positioned in the upper right-hand corner. The ballot card activates the machine and serves as verification of your in-person voting at that time.
    3. Press the “Start Voting” button and select your chosen language.
    4. To select a candidate to vote for, tap the box with the candidate’s name. The box will turn green. If you decide to change your selection, tap the box again, and it will return to white.
      To write in a candidate, tap the button in the personal choice column for the office up for election. Type in the candidate’s name and tap "Accept.” The box will then turn green, and the candidate's name will appear.

    5. For General Election Public Questions, tap the “YES” or “NO” button after the question.
    6. If the text is too small to read, tap “Full Text” and it will appear larger on the screen.
    7. When you are finished, tap “Print Ballot.” The candidates you’ve selected will show on the ballot card, which will appear behind the window on the right.
    8. Review the ballot card to make sure it is accurate and shows the candidates you want to vote for.
      If you encounter an issue or have a question, speak to a poll worker.

    9. Press “Cast Ballot” to submit your vote!

      Please note: The ballot card does not return to you but is stored safely and securely by the Board of Elections.

For more election schedule information, please visit the Board of Elections state website: https://nj.gov/state/elections/index.shtml