Finance Department

Gregory Mayers, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 609-799-0909 ext. 2548
Fax: 609-799-7076

Bill Adair, Assistant Treasurer, ext. 1405
Wendy Britton, Bookkeeper, ext. 1404
Deborah Dudek, Payroll, 1403
Maureen Rice-Tucci, Purchasing Specialist, ext. 1406

The Finance Department is responsible for the receipt, safeguarding, investment, and disbursement of municipal funds, which includes purchasing, tax collection, accounts payable, pension and payroll.  The Finance Department oversees the operations of the Office of the Tax Collector, the Office of the Tax Assessor and the Purchasing Division.

In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for creating the annual operations and capital budget, tracking expenditures against the budget, submitting the budget approved by the governing body to the State ofNew Jerseyand reporting budget status to the governing body on an ongoing basis.