Divisions & Bureaus

  1. Administration

    The Administration Division of the Plainsboro Police Department includes the command staff and civilian administrative staff. The command staff includes Chief of Police and 3 Lieutenants. The Lieutenants oversee Patrol, Special Services, and Administration.

  2. Detective Bureau

    The Detective Bureau is currently staffed by 3 detectives responsible for conducting all follow up investigation of reported incidents. Any crimes reported are reviewed by the Detective Bureau sergeant and assigned to a detective for follow up based on several.

  3. Patrol Division

    The patrol division is the backbone of the police department. The department has 12 patrol officers that are supervised over 4 shifts by 4 patrol sergeants as well as 4 patrol corporals.

  4. Records & Discovery

    The Records Bureau is responsible for securely storing police reports which consist of investigation reports, property reports, motor vehicle accident reports, arrest and operations reports as well as miscellaneous reports.

  5. Traffic Bureau

    The Traffic Bureau is dedicated to ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians in Plainsboro. This important mission is carried out through the implementation of several programs and enforcement strategies designed to maximize safety for those using the roadways within the Township of Plainsboro.